Last year was a complete focus on being comfortably uncomfortable.  Pushing myself in new directions and to new levels.  I fully dove into the social media world to share my love of essential oils.  I applied for a rotation in my current job doing something I had never done before. And guess what? It was … Continue reading Seasons


Road Trips are Always the Best

I'm a planner. I have plans for my plans.  While I call this being organized and proactive, others may say I have control issues.  Ok....I have control issues! The thing with needing to plan out everything is that it's easy to forget about being in the moment.  A couple weeks ago, I did something spontaneous … Continue reading Road Trips are Always the Best

Strawberry Wine & Defining Moments

Flashbacks. I'm no stranger to them.  They are powerful and can alter my entire day if I allow it. Normally, when I experienced them; some not so great memories in my life creep up leading to panic attacks, tears, and feelings of fear. Oddly, I've been having flashbacks or reoccurring memories of things that are … Continue reading Strawberry Wine & Defining Moments

Don’t go breaking my heart…

My heart is  broken.  By my husband. Marriage is BRUTAL.  One day it's smiles and sunshine; next the roaring midwest wind is ripping the skin off your cheeks. The two of you can be smiling, laughing, communicating; feeling like you have finally mastered the thing called marriage. In a fleeting moment, that moment of certainty can … Continue reading Don’t go breaking my heart…

Patience with a capital “P”

  So I have been MIA for the last couple weeks in my blogging.  It's not that I haven't thought about it, but rather, the plates I have been spinning crashed and fell. Have you ever noticed that when you are busy, you're not just busy,...but every possible even that could happen, does?  Story of … Continue reading Patience with a capital “P”