Time Suck 1: Me 0

plantI was so excited to have more time myself after my son started driving.  No more sitting in parking lots hoping he would hustle out of the locker room so I could hurry home to get dinner on the table by 8. No more getting up early to drive him to this or that random practice.  No more having to adjust my work schedule around his summer football schedule.  LIFE WAS GOING TO GET GREAT! I was going to have time to do all the things I had been putting off all these years.

Don’t get me wrong, I would NEVER take that time back.  There’s something about a car ride that gets a teen boy to open up to you when you otherwise can’t get two words out of him.  Something about good tunes, and looking out a window allows them to start relaxing and chatting about their friends, the annoying smart girl in government class, how much weight he needs to gain to play linebacker, and oh yeah – he needs lunch money.  I truly miss our time in the car.

So I’ve had a little over a year to do whatever my heart contends.  And guess what, the only thing I have truly accomplished is becoming a victim of time suck.  Somehow being incredibly busy kept my procrastination tendencies away – I couldn’t afford to procrastinate. Now, I come home and think of a million things I want to accomplish, sit on the couch for a few minutes to do a quick Facebook scroll, and then next thing. I now it’s 7 pm and the hubs is asking about dinner…Eeek!

I’ve committed to 3 steps to help me get out of this time suck:

  1.  USE MY PLANNER.  My life is in my phone – appointments, to-do lists, and my social media apps.  I love the convenience of having all of my stuff in one place.  Unfortunately, this is where my time suck starts.  I check my to-do list, I scroll through my emails, and end up popping on Instagram for just a quick second and then 2 hours has gone by.  Rather than using my phone, I am going to use my planner to prioritize my day.  My planner allows me to set up my to-do list so that when I get home I can start checking off my list instead of scrolling and liking who knows what.
  2. PLAN SOCIAL MEDIA TIME.  This may sound odd, but since I use Instagram and Facebook for my business, I need to be on the sites daily.  The problem I run into is that I log on intending to work and end up scrolling without a purpose.  It’s not productive for me from a business perspective and I lose hours of precious time.  When I plan on working the platforms, I am setting a timer so I’m not able to put off my work – after all, 10 minutes of focuses, productive work is better than 30 minutes of looking.
  3. DO 1 NEW THING A WEEK.  Remember those daydreams I had sitting in my car all  those years??? Now is the time to put them into action.  Each week I will plan something in my planner – dinner with a friend, going to a park to meditate, reading a book – whatever – as long as I hadn’t done it last week, or last month depending on what it is.

These ideas may seem elementary, but that the thing – it doesn’t have to be profound; it just has to work.  What has worked for others, may work for me or maybe I will find a new twist to beating my chaos of being time sucked.



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