Own your Health

Two years ago Jr and I made the conscious choice to start living a healthier life.  My recent annual exam reminded me of how far we have come and how our mindset has changed from a reactive to proactive approach to our health.

Annual exams are one thing that I have always made a priority.  My family has a long history heart disease, diabetes, and thyroid issues so I try to stay on top of it by getting my physical yearly and getting my lab work done.  I was also meeting my new doctor for the first time. It was quite a surprise to find this new doctor very against me getting any lab work done – even cholesterol.  I have never had pushback about this, am often borderline anemic and always low in vitamin D.  I was incredibly annoyed to find that I had to justify to her why I wanted these done and what she should tell the insurance company so they “might” cover it.  I was also shocked when I expressed my concern about my weight gain and her response was, “Everyone’s overweight”.

While she is no longer my doctor, it did get me thinking about our society’s approach to healthcare – handle symptoms, not wellness. Let the insurance companies dictate what labs they feel is necessary or investigative (not covered), and how often I should get something done, such a pap.  The whole “own your body” slogan became very real.

When we started our journey it was because I felt like crap and Jr was pre-diabetic.  We didn’t want to spend our older years managing bottles of prescriptions and not living a fun-filled life. We met with a wholistic nutritionist which completely challenged some of the basic health lessons I had learned my entire life; such as low fat is better than high fat. It meant I could actually eat fantastic foods, like butter.  It also meant I needed to limit processed foods.  It was fascinating learning about our bodies and what our cells truly need to function optimally,

About this time I also started dabbling in essential oils and learning about chemicals we place in our bodies that the FDA says is ok, but can cause cancer, hormonal disruptions, and adrenal issues.  If you have never checked out the ingredients in your products, check some of them out at the Environmental Working Group website: EWG. It will give you a ton of information about the products in your home and what you are putting your yourself and your babies.

By far the best part about my Young Living community is the focus on wellness rather than treating symptoms.  It’s been an incredible journey and everyone is there to help you along the way.  Personally,  I have started to feel more in control of my life, and my personal development has grown to new heights. It’s amazing to me that one type of essential oil can have thousands of uses.  For example, Frankincense is not only my oil of choice for meditation, but I use it on my face as part of my skincare regime.

If you are lost when it comes to approaching your health, here are my recommendations to get started:

  1. Do your research! Check out sites like the EWG or the “Think Dirty” app to learn about ingredients in everyday products you use. Don’t just take anyone’s word that something is good for you.  There are also great documentaries on Netflix or podcasts on Spotify. KNOW FOR YOURSELF!
  2. Find a friend or a community! There’s plenty of facebook or Instagram groups that will help support you.  This is not always an easy thing – after all, you may find you are completely changing a mindset you have always had ☺️ .  It’s nice to have someone there to vent to or just encourage you.  Your family, may fight the change and you may need reinforcements to remember why it’s so important!
  3. Start small and simple.  Don’t start doing research and pitch everything in your home. Most likely this isn’t the most economical choice for you and it may become overwhelming.  Instead, pick one thing you want to focus on.  For example, laundry detergent, laundry softness, and dryer sheets was our first nonnegotiable.  Once you feel good about that, then next month or the next time you need to restock, choose something else to switch to a nontoxic version of.
  4. Be consistent and patient!  When you start switching to healthier options, whether it’s food or cleaners, there’s a learning curve.   It’s not always as easy at first (remember the first time you tried to ride a bike or apply makeup) but with consistency it will get easier AND you will start to notice the benefits of your changes.
  5. Don’t be sticker shocked! Natural options may be more expensive.  Choose wisely.  For example, choosing fruits or vegetables that are in season or frozen veggies are a great option!  Know which items truly need to be organic and which ones you might be able to get away with buying regularly.  Regardless,  eating something “whole” vs processed is going to be a healthier option, even if it’s not organic.  Cleaners and body care products often bring the sticker shock.  Keep in mind these are often very concentrated and when broken down more economical.  For example, the Thieves cleaner I use is $22.50 with my membership for 14.4 oz – BUT you only use a capful in a spray bottle and fill the rest with water.  That breaks down to $1.50 per bottle and it works on everything and lasts me about 4 months.

If you have been wanting to take the leap but unsure of where to start, I hope this helped.  If you would like to learn more or have more resources, feel free to message me!  I’d love to chat with you.  If you would like to be a part of my amazing team, click on the link following to get started: http://bit.ly/rachel10087869.  I will send you a welcome package and help you get started!











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