Road Trips are Always the Best

I’m a planner. I have plans for my plans.  While I call this being organized and proactive, others may say I have control issues.  Ok….I have control issues!

The thing with needing to plan out everything is that it’s easy to forget about being in the moment.  A couple weeks ago, I did something spontaneous – and it was earth shaking to my soul.

It started on our way back home from my parents.  I happened to mention that we were only 20 minutes from the “Field of Dreams”.  Next thing I know, we are all piled in the car taking a detour to the Field of Dreams. A few pictures, a walk around the ball park and a funny video of the kids emerging from the corn, and we were on our way to the best road trip we have had yet.Wm+dadAMQACGGgshQUyL8Q

Shortly after getting back in the car, the four of us are pulling out our phones looking for more things to do.  We found a cool site, Roadside Attractions Iowa, that gave a map with pins indicating different roadside attractions, directions, a quick description, and ratings.  Most of the stops were only a couple minutes off our main path, were free, and only needed to spend a few minutes at each stop. We learned a ton about the state I’ve spent the majority of my life in.

The most exciting thing that happened however was the reaction of the kids. We have teens who try to have their noses buried in there phones as much as possible.  After the second stop, they actually put their phones away, talked to us, and read the monuments; taking in a little bit of Iowa history.  They took a ton of photos and I’m sure snapchats 😂, but they were engaged!  They started looking forward to the next stop, discussing what they thought it was and read the descriptions on the website.


Our trip home normally takes 5 hours.  This trip took closer to 8 but it was oh so worth it!  Even Nucky, our rattie, had fun and all of the spots were pet friendly.  We were exhausted, but the kids started making plans for things to do with us the next day closer to home – and we jumped on it.


Our little road trip was fantastic, interesting, and most importantly, became a memory.  Had I not “gone with the flow”, that time would have been lost.  Had I not allowed myself to not worry about getting home to do x,y, and z, I would have missed the smile on the kids’ faces.  Had I tried to control where we went and what we saw, I would have missed some really cool stuff.

Sometimes, the best plan is no plan at all.



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