Hi! Thanks for checking out my page. My name is Rachel and I’m so excited to have you. I’m all about pushing personal boundaries to take myself and my family to the next level.


I’m a huge advocate of evolving as a person, the minimalist lifestyle, wholistic wellness, and keeping it simple. I spent the majority of my 20’s consuming and buying way too much. It was stressful and led me down a path of procrastination and impatience. I’ve spent the last few years focusing on finding calmness and a little light in the mayhem I had created. I found this process to be addicting.  Through it,  I have become a better friend, wife, and mother. For the first time in years, I can EXHALE.

I’m constantly trying something new, whether it be a new diffuser blend, a lotion recipe, a workout program or a diy home project. My passion is all about living better, smarter and healthier so you have time to enjoy the little things before they are gone.

In addition to posting about my latest projects or research, I want to include the every
day ho-hum of my life in Omaha, NE. After all, I’m not here just writing – I’m doing and the family is along for the ride. We are a pretty cool blended family with very strong independent personalities that can bring an extra spice to our life.

Whether this is the first time visiting my page or if you are a loyal reader, I’m so happy you are here and I hope you find a little “something” to help you in your journey.


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