Hi! I’m Rachel, and thanks for checking out my blog!  I’m a first time blogger sharing my experiences as I focus on my path to self-discovery and evolution of myself and my soul.

I chose the tagline, “a pierced soul releases seeds of growth” to remind myself and hopefully others that in our darkest and weakest moments a new seed is born within us to create a new path, a new perspective, or maybe a new identity as we push through to the brighter side of life.

pierced soul

image from: HangUps Jewelry

My first few posts will be centered around what brought me to this phase in my life and how I want to channel this new intent to grow throughout the rest of my life.  Afterwards, I hope to share my trials and tribulations in my journey.  I hope you enjoy my stories of parenthood, marriage, friendships, laughter, failures, mishaps, and hopefully (fingers-crossed) success, as I share and learn about this 38-year-old soul that’s been living inside of me.

I appreciate your patience and sense of humor as I start to learn about the world of blogging!

How you can reach me:  souldabbler@gmail.com


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