The Power of Positivity

I recently started meeting new ladies through my Young and Living team.  The entire experience of meeting them has been life changing for me.  It was the first time in a very long time that I have been excited to see people and want to learn more about them.  So what gives??? They are so … Continue reading The Power of Positivity


Assuming Positive Intent

"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world.  For, indeed, that's all that's all that ever have."   - Margaret Mead If you have ever worked in an office environment or any environment where you are close to a lot of people,  you are probably aware of how easily a negative tone can … Continue reading Assuming Positive Intent

Using Meditation to Practice Patience

My 7-year-old niece came to visit me this week.  Being a mom of a teenager, there's a lot of things I had forgotten about when dealing with smaller children.  For example, a meal can take 45 minutes to eat. Getting out the door is a much MUCH longer process.  Keeping them on task requires a … Continue reading Using Meditation to Practice Patience

My only affirmation rock – EVOLVE

Fresh out of college I landed a management position in a classy women's specialty store.  I was stoked and ready to rule the mall!  I soon learned however that in order to effectively manage a specialty store you need mad multitasking skills.  There are very few positions that allow you to be a sales person, … Continue reading My only affirmation rock – EVOLVE

Get a hammock…

Who knew a hammock would be my solution to my motherhood crisis.  I had always looked forward to the day my son, Nolan, would turn 16.  I've always been the parent excited for his first steps, first day of kindergarten, first sports competition.   I gave him the skills to be self-sufficient and independent early on so he … Continue reading Get a hammock…